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Andrew Wainstein
 - London

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Andrew Wainstein

Discover what matters most and what is uniquely yours so that you can bring these alive and in your work and life as a whole.

After the last year you might be facing challenges in your job or freelance career, rethinking your work or looking at starting out on your own.

I will provide you with space to explore the practical and personal aspects of your situation, helping you focus on what’s most important and where your energy is strongest.

I introduced the concept of fantasy football to the UK, achieving great success founding and leading a business for 30 years. A journey that has been rewarding and challenging in equal measures and that has taught me as much about myself as about running a business.

As an executive coach I am bringing the experience from this journey to clients who wish to build careers that are inspiring and rewarding; personally, professionally, creatively and financially.

If you want your work to inspire and reflect the best of you then we should work well together.

My Experience

I founded Fantasy League, the company that originated fantasy football in the 1990's. Leading the company for three decades, I developed teams that were able to evolve the business through an ever-changing landscape; building a strong brand and a range of games generating large audiences for partners including The Telegraph, BBC, Sky Sports, Barclays and JP Morgan.

As a qualified coach from the Academy of Executive Coaches, I work with a cross-section of clients including leaders, managers, creatives and consultants on issues such as impact, communication, team dynamics, career transition, confidence and creativity.

Alongside coaching I’ve also launched a new community called “Campfire”, which is about bringing people together for conversations about what matters most in work and beyond.

My Rates

I typically work with you over several months to ensure you can put changes into place in a lasting way.

We start with a free 60 or 90 minute session to understand your motivations for coaching and to explore our fit working together.

Then we design a programme together, which will typically comprise a programme of sessions over a 3-6 month period.

Rates are flexible and dependent on the length of sessions and duration of your programme.

My Coaching Styles

Our work is about helping you to discover a greater sense of possibility and purpose in everything you do.

Through a series of powerful conversations, I will listen, question, challenge, encourage, share, advise and guide you along this journey.

We start by establishing your objectives; which may be a combination of work-related milestones and more subtle, personal or emotional goals.

Then we work closely together, encouraging you to make meaningful changes; often starting small but building towards a greater sense of clarity and confidence.

Some examples of ways in which I’ve worked with clients:

- You need help in growing or evolving your business, or you're struggling to find direction
- You want to create a business from an idea or early stage concept
- You’re facing challenges or a crossroads in your career
- You want to build a career that is more closely aligned with your values, talents and passions
- You have a creative or artistic project and want to bring your vision to life

Some feedback from clients:

"an intuitive, incisive and empathic coach who takes a genuine interest”

“after each session, I felt inspired and empowered to move forward with my project."

“warm, thoughtful and encouraging”

“come away from sessions with actions and confidence to take forward my ideas and make meaningful change."

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Creative Career Coach
Book, Editor, Author Coaching
CEO Coaching
Change Management
Conflict Resolution Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Planning & Strategy
Project Coaching

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