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David Mahoney
 - London

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David Mahoney

Choice and subsequent change is challenging and often people do not know where to start. Where I excel is in working with you to understand what it is that you would like to achieve, then charting the path towards your goals.

Together we will make this journey simple, understood and easy to action. I work within an integrative framework that uses a combination of Business coaching, Psychodynamic, CBT, NLP and Humanistic practices that we will tailor to your specific needs. This allows us to work through and understand your goals, issues and how best to achieve your dreams in a way that are both sustainable and felt. You are worthwhile, should be understood and deserve the life you want. The areas I will typically help with are:

- Career change or starting a new business
- Sustainable personal change (i.e. re-framing relationships, low self worth, etc.)
- Supporting adults with learning difficulties achieve their goals

Many of my clients report that they start with one objective but end up resolving much more important ones. All of them would state I am warm, without judgement and capable of intelligent questioning and deep insight. I have broken down these services for you below:


During my fifteen year career in Executive Search and Recruitment I worked for the largest and most respected firms in the world. Throughout this time I spent thousands of hours helping senior executives through professional career transition. This experience places me well to support you, at whatever level you are,  move towards your professional goals. Some of the aspects of this work can include:

- Career re-determination
- Promotion planning
- Business setup support
- Interview prep and CV writing
- How to secure that dream role
- On-boarding support

My methodology works on all aspects of the process (both internal and practical) that will get you where you need to be. The philosophy is designed to work initially on the basis of you and your thinking before we then move towards practical objectives, charting a path towards your goals. Programs typically will be 6-12 sessions conducted on a weekly/bi-weekly basis though can be accelerated if your personal circumstances demand it.

Contact: 02071014045 / 07801219060 or email me on david,


Being an integrative coach enables me to tailor programs to suit you as an individual. I draw on a number of different methods to best crystallise and actualise your aims. Psychodynamic thinking underpins my work, as it enables us not only to address your conscious goals but also discover any unconscious factors which may be in conflict with these. This is further augmented by approaches from business coaching, CBT and NLP. The work I do will often focus on:

- Self confidence
- Relationships
- Sleeping problems
- Feelings of helplessness
- Fear of change

This work will normally take 6-8 sessions and I am able to employ a range of tools from the business world to support the work, such as:

- Anchoring and visualisation methodologies (to help stress relief and goal attainment)
- Personal 360 degree referencing (powerful for those with self-confidence issues)
- Psychometrics application (for self-perspective and personal context)

These methods have been taken from the business world previously assisting those in the boardroom to deal with stress and to achieve their objectives.  We apply can these methods wherever they are relevant and/or pertinent to you.

Contact: 02071014045 / 07801219060 or email me on


I have extensive experience of working with and overcoming obstacles to career and educational advancement associated with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADD & ADHD). I can introduce you to methodologies and technology which can drastically improve your ability learn and produce work. I provide a safe space to discuss the impact this may have had on your life thus far and offer some practical advice on how to support your objectives going forward.

Contact: 02071014045 / 07801219060 or email me on

My Experience

- Worked with over 3000 people helping them transition their careers
- Hold a post-graduate certificate in coaching from Birkbeck College
- Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Confederation
- Over 15 years working for some of the world's largest and well known Executive Search and Professional Recruitment firms

My Rates

My initial consultation is free and lasts between half and hour to one and a half hours and is entirely dependent upon you.

Private clients investing in themselves are charged at £150 for a 1.5 hour sessions and we recommend a six session program. If we find that you have achieved all you want to  earlier, then you only pay for the sessions completed.

Corporate funded programmes are structured slightly differently and I recommend that you call me to discuss. Some details of my corporate approach can be found at

All prices exclude VAT.

Contact: 02071014045 / 07801219060 or email me at

My Coaching Styles

I use a range of techniques (known as an Integrative Coaching approach) which will be built according to your specific needs and personality. These range from psychodynamic methods which are designed to understand your unconscious position to Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and NLP which looks at your outward behaviours through to business coaching methods such as GROW which are purely outcome focused. This allows us to build a model that is as individual as you are.

Additionally, I am doing some pretty leading edge stuff that takes corporate HR tools, psychodynamic methods and some traditional life change tools and applies them to a life coaching setting. These are designed for those with self esteem issues and you should contact me if you are interested in knowing more.

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Confidence Coaching
Stress Coaching
Youth Coaching
CEO Coaching
Change Management
Health & Wellness Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Planning & Strategy
Stress Coaching

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