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Harsha Perera
 - London

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Harsha Perera

I strongly believe in the inherent human potential that is in all of us and support people to make the best of themselves. My mission is to empower you to find more meaning and fulfilment in your life and work.

I take a holistic approach to coaching and draw inspiration from a range of different life experiences, including: a career in private equity investing, being a musician, martial arts and mindfulness practice. Experience has shown me that personal change can be quick, if you dare to challenge yourself.

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My Experience

After nearly a decade of investing in private equity, I decided to leave finance in 2015 to become an executive coach. I wanted to devote my energies to disciplines that placed my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others at their core. Coaching for me, represents a nexus through which I can channel my diverse experiences drawn from business, music and martial arts to support individuals with their goals. I believe I offer something unique by combining an interest in personal development and wellbeing with a strong understanding of high pressure business environments.

I believe that personal change can be effected quickly. Often, all that is required is a willingness to engage in deepening insights into ourselves and our environments. It is for this reason that I believe in the power of coaching.

My Rates

I charge on a discretionary basis depending on the client's circumstances.

My Coaching Styles

I believe in the power of engaging the whole of the being and envision moving beyond simply sitting and talking during sessions. While the cognitive realm of working with thoughts and beliefs is fundamental to my approach, I also introduce visuals, objects and body movement during coaching. Such methods can often help unlock a fresh perspective, particularly when pure linguistic reasoning has led an individual to feeling stuck.

I view coaching as a partnership built on mutual trust and honesty that allows the coach to offer challenge, while at the same time being supportive. I look forward to working with those individuals who want to look beneath the surface.

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Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Confidence Coaching
Creative Career Coach
Health & Wellness Coaching
Spiritual Coaching
Stress Coaching
CEO Coaching
Change Management
Conflict Resolution Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Planning & Strategy
Team Coaching

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