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Kathryn Finch

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Kathryn Finch

I am a Coach and an EDI Consultant, working with individuals and organisations to evaluate and improve their approach to life and work.

My Experience

I have extensive experience coaching people to allow them to operate at their best. I work on a variety of personal and professional goals, focussing on each individual client to get them from where they are, to where they want to be.

Certified coach & NLP Master Practitioner
Qualified Solicitor (England & Wales)
MA, Philosophy, Kings College London
MA (Oxon) Jurisprudence (English Law with Law Studies in Europe), Jesus College, Oxford
Certificat de Droit Français, Université Paris II : Panthéon-Assas

I am the founder of Quartz Coaching and Consulting where I work with individuals and organisations to define and achieve their goals. Through my coaching practice, I work with people facilitate their growth and to make sure that their hard work is being applied wisely.

My Rates

I charge £70-120/hour, and offer a free-of-charge, 30-minute sample session to anyone interested in coaching.

My Coaching Styles

Discomfort and dissatisfaction often stem from the believe that we are not good enough, that we are not doing enough. I use a combination of my training, personal experience and professional and academic backgrounds to tailor my approach to my clients, to allow them to find the self-compassion which will allow for true change.

I always begin by engaging my clients in an examination of their current situation, creating an objective map of why, how and where they are currently, especially as it contrasts with where they actually want to be. I encourage my clients to be honest with themselves and see their goals objectively, all from the knowledge that we are all doing our best. This allows me holistically with my clients to help them define their goals, adjust their approach and achieve what they want to achieve.

I am a supportive presence and often use my legal and philosophical background to provide clarity to difficult situations and challenge my clients to change and grow. I have extensive experience in corporate as well as academic environments and I work with people who inhabit those spaces to deal with the pressures they face. Whether it is from the perspective of management, struggling to work out the correct way to lead; or, people dealing with the pressures of work or with bullying, I work with people to improve their lives, day-to-day. I also enjoy working with creatives and third sector workers as I recognise the specific challenges they face.

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Confidence Coaching
Creative Career Coach
Health & Wellness Coaching
Stress Coaching
Youth Coaching
Book, Editor, Author Coaching
CEO Coaching
Change Management
Conflict Resolution Coaching
Diversity Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching

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