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Sara Packwood
 - Middlesex

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Sara Packwood

Sara Packwood@mindthechat
Tel: 07707779648

mindthechat was set up quite simply to help others. So often I see people not achieving what they should, struggling, feeling lost, battling with anxiety, I want to help. I have been there before and many others have too but not everyone takes practical action. The name mindthechat stems from how important it is to talk full stop. On the contrary it is the negative inner ''chatter’ that stops people achieving what they want to in life, it is a crippling blocker, so quite literally you need to ''mindthechat’.

Here is what I can do for you practically:

Careers & CV
Self-esteem & self-confidence
Motivation & assertiveness
Millennial issues & the quarter life crisis
Anxiety, emptiness & overwhelming feelings of dissatisfaction
Mindset & working towards a peaceful and healthy mind

My Experience

I'm Sara Packwood!@mindthechat and I am a qualified Life Coach from the Blackford Centre for Life Coaching. I also have 7 years experience in HR which gave me the motivation and context to set up my Life Coaching practice, my HR skills combined with 2 years of coaching experience give me a broad range of ideas and practical skills to help you.

My own experiences in life & periods of difficulty harnessed a huge desire in me to coach others, talk about, learn about & normalise problems which both men and women face in their twenties, thirties and beyond.

My ultimate vision in coaching is to cut through the crap that is holding many back from being proud of themselves, from having that life or goal they talk about all too frequently and not achieving. I have since day one been the one to see my friends and family through difficult times or give encouragement. To know that I make a difference to others is my kind of happiness!

My Rates

Prices are applied upon consultation, I wish to open up coaching and make it accessible to everyone of all financial disciplines. Coaching is heavily tailored to you so we can discuss a package or pricing that works for your needs.

Free initial consultations are offered, please get in touch to arrange one.

My Coaching Styles

My coaching style is entirely flexible, collaborative and personal. I coach for both men and women. Coaching is an opportunity to not only talk but to take practical action.

I use role play, NLP, questioning & goal setting techniques.

mind the chat has a focus on the power of a healthy mindset in dealing with difficult times & in achieving goals. Goals comes last, first must come your dreams, secondly your vision.
Goals are the practical smaller steps to get to where you want to be. I help you figure out where 'to be’ is, then together in a practical way tailored to you we will make a positive transformation to your life. The first step is recognising your will to improve.

Types of Coaching Offered

Coaching Type
Career Coaching
Confidence Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching
Relationship Coaching
Stress Coaching
Youth Coaching
Stress Coaching

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